Windows Performance Monitor

Perfmon requires an elevated cmd prompt.

perfmon </res|report|rel|sys>
Parameter Description
/res Starts the Resource View.
/report Starts the System Diagnostics Data Collector Set and displays a report of the results.
/rel Starts the Reliability Monitor.
/sys Starts the Performance Monitor.

In some cases perfmon refuses to create a report, due to corrupted registry entries or too much log entries. In this cases perfmon can't add counters to the performance report or doesn't show reliable results. It's time to repair perfmon.

Open a command prompt windows with administrator credentials (for instance type cmd in search box and press Strg+Shift+Enter (or use context menu item run as administrator) and confirm UAC.
Enter the command lodctr /r and press Enter.
The tool lodctr is available to repair perfmon. It tries to repair broken registry entries. Try to run perfmon afterward.