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Registry cleaning software programs like RegCure are supposed to increase the speed and performance of a computer, and in many cases do. However, some malware hides itself as a RegCure.exe file and disguises itself as the RegCure registry cleaner.

Infected Program
When you open the RegCure program and get a ton of pop-up ads and information as soon as you open the program, this is an indication of a malware attack. The best thing to do in this case is to eliminate the RegCure program from the program removal options in the Control Panel.

Scan your computer with antivirus software to remove any virus or malware that may still be on the machine. Download a free antivirus like AVG, Avast or Avira (see Resources) if you do not have a working antivirus. Once you have removed the virus you can reinstall a clean version of RegCure or another reliable registry cleanter

New Installation
Contact RegCure customer service through the "Support" link if malware continues to affect the program and you have paid for the program and it is still in effect. A customer service agent can walk you through a clean installation process.

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