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DIR-655 Routing

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I am the administrator for a Windows 2003 server.  The clients are distributed throughout 3 metal buildings. Each metal building has its own DIR-655.  The server building 1 has the server connected to a DIR-655.  Building 2 has a DIR-655 connected to the first DIR-655.  The server IP is  Building 2 has network of  From IP in building 2 I can ping the server at  However, I am unable to see any of the server resources.  The server resources can be used fine on the network  What must I do to be able to share the network resources on network 2?

alr401091021 -ALR401091198 PER paul at Dlink Support

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Router and Wired Configurations
Some things to try: - Log into the routers web page at Use IE, Opera or FF to manage the router.
bulletTurn off ALL QoS or Disable Traffic Shaping (DIR only) GameFuel (DGL only and if ON.) options, Advanced/QoS or Gamefuel.
bulletTurn off Advanced DNS Services if you have this option under Setup/Internet/Manual or under Setup/PARENTAL CONTROL/Set to>None: Static IP or Obtain Automatically From ISP.
bulletEnable Use Unicasting (compatibility for some ISP DHCP Servers) under Setup/Internet/Manual.
bulletTurn on DNS Relay under Setup/Networking. Link>Finding Faster DNS Addresses using Name Bench[/color][/url]
bulletSetup DHCP reserved IP addresses for all devices ON the router. Setup/Networking. This ensures each devices gets its own IP address when turned on and connected, eliminates IP address conflicts and helps in troubleshooting.
bulletEnsure devices are set to auto obtain an IP address.
bulletIf IPv6 is an option on the router, select Local Connection Only or Disable IPv6 options under Setup/IPv6.
bulletSet Firewall settings to Endpoint Independent for TCP and UDP under Advanced/Firewall.
bulletEnable uPnP and Multi-cast Streaming under Advanced/Networking. Disable uPnP for testing Port Forwarding rules. Enable IPv6 Multi-cast Streaming for routers that have a Media Server option. Disable IPv6 Multi-cast Streaming if IPv6 or Media Server is not being used.
bulletTurn off WISH, and WPS under Advanced.
bulletWAN Port Speed set to Auto or specific speed? Some newer ISP modems support 1000Mb so manually setting to Gb speeds can be supported by the router. Advanced/Advanced Networking/WAN Port Speed
bulletSet current Time Zone, Date and Time. Use an NTP Server feature. Tools/Time.
bulletCheck cable between Modem and Router, swap out to be sure. Link> Cat6 is recommended.

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