Galaxy Sync S6 Edge Troubleshooting

USB port not detecting on computer.

  1. Ran SFC /scannow which found corrupt files and USB detection worked for less than a day
  2. Installed Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones V1.5.51.0
  3. Wipe Android System Cache
    1. Turn off your Galaxy S6.
    2. Press and hold Power, Volume Up and the Home button.
    3. Recovery menu
    4. Wipe Cache Partition.
    5. Yes
    6. Reboot System Now
  4. Install Samsung Smart Switch
  5. Ran App "Smart Tutor"  for tech support
    1. Developer options
    2. USB debugging is on
      1.     Debugging mode launches when USB is connected.
    3. Installed Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones V1.5.65.0
    4. Driver Booster updated drivers.

    Call Samsung

    1. 1-855-795-0509 (accounts)
    2. 1-800-726-7864 (tech support)
      1. Rolando
        1. settings
        2. general management
        3. reset settings
        4. reset network settings
    3. USB configuration was not selected
      1. MTP selected.
      2. MTP will not stay selected

      Samsung Cloud Tech - 855-795-0509 (latest version ???)

  6. Check 123 Contact Backup app
  7. Backup and Reset the phone
    1. Backup Photos and Videos:
      1. This will backup your photos to your Google account. You can access them through the Google Photos app on any device or through Google Photos on the web:
      2. Open the Google Photos app (play store)
      3. At the top left, touch the Menu icon
      4. Select Settings
      5. Touch Back up & sync
      6. Make sure Backup is toggled ON and Tap on Backup All to backup all your photos and videos.
    2. Backup Contacts:
      1. From the Home screen, tap Contacts.
      2. Tap the More key.
      3. Tap Move device contacts to
      4. Choose Google
      5. If necessary, log in to your Google account.
      6. Your contacts will be saved to your Google account
    3. Backup app data, WiFi passwords and other settings:
      1. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset
      2. Make sure Back up my data is toggled ON
    4. Factory Restore
      1. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset
      2. Tap on Factory data reset
      3. Tap on Reset Phone
      4. The phone will reboot
      5. input your Google account when prompted
      6. access your Photos through the Google Photos app
      7. Your contacts and apps will be restored automatically
  8. You can access your Photos through the Google Photos app or through Google Photos on the web

    NEW PHOne
  9. Wipe data/Factory Reset (Power-Home-UP)
  10. Reboot
  11. Connect WIFI
  12. next, next. agree,
  13. Sign In Samsung Account
    1. Checking for Updates
    2. Checking INfo
  14. Connect Google Account (the one with old phone photos backed up)
  15. I agree
  16. next - next
  17. Pick proper device (Samsung SM-G925A)
  18. Restore all 156 apps
  19. (Restoring)
  20. Sign Into Samsung Account
    1. Searching for Data
    2. This may take a while
  21. Turn on reactivation lock