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Tuneup your computer

Computer Tuneup

Tuning up your PC usually makes it quicker and more responsive, helps it run efficiently, and in some respects, extends the life of the machine. You'll be less likely to need to replace your computer if it continues to run well. As with any other complex machinery, if you don't perform basic upkeep on your computer, you'll notice over time that it isn't performing as well as it did before.  Computers should be tuned up at least every 12 months, but every six months is better to avoid future down time. Our tune up includes the following:
  • Adware scan & removal
  • Spyware scan & removal
  • Malware scan & removal
  • Virus scan & removal
  • Windows updates
  • Disk cleanup
  • Dust blow-out
  • Extensive summary report


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