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Clone Hard Drive

Why do you need to create a disk clone? Generally speaking, disk clone has a variety of usages, the following scenarios are frequently encountered:
  • OS Transfer: Cloning a disk with Windows installation enables to transfer OS to another hard drive or much faster SSD without reinstalling
  • Hard Disk Upgrade: Disk clone can help to upgrade hard disk from old small disk to a new larger one without reinstallations of operating system and the applications, like clone HDD to SSD, and vice versa.
  • Data Migration: It can help to quickly transfer all the data on a disk to others, such as the Windows operating system, installed programs, system settings, personal files, videos.
  • Make a Duplicate Disk: If all the data on the current system disk are important, it is necessary to do a full backup of the source disk by cloning hard drive.
  • Data Recovery: In order to avoid secondary damage to the hard disk during data recovery, it is necessary to clone the disk and then restore what you want from the cloned disk.
see also: ubackup

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