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16-Point Tune-Up


16-Point Tune-Up

Our PC Tune-Up dives deep into your computer and fixes the areas that are causing slow overall performance, limited file space, freezing, crashing and more. We perform a 16-Point Check of the listed below areas to optimize your computer's capabilities! These 16-Points consist of analyzing your PC's hard drive, repairing the incredibly problematic Windows Registry, and creating more disk space.

  1. OS Version Check
  2. Windows Update Functional
  3. SMART Predict Failure
  4. Logical Disk Dirty Bit
  5. User Account Control Enabled
  6. Abnormally Terminated Services
  7. Workstation Service
  8. CPU Utilization
  9. Network Utilization
  10. Disk Utilization
  11. Memory Utilization
  12. Virus Scan
  13. Malware Scan
  14. Belarc Report
  15. Optimize Startup Settings
  16. Backup Functionality
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