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DNS-321 Email Settings

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DNS-321 FTP Errors

FTP Server

Credentialed login: ftp://username:password@hostname/

Test result: Failure

Please verify the URL,DNS settings,and your account settings.


  1. Turned off FTP server on client DNS-321, Reboot DNS-321

  2. Tested ftp line in chrome and it worked

  3. Replaced domain name with ip address to eliminate possibility of DNS error

  4. Check manual for correct syntax

  5. Enter the URL of the site or server
    you are initiating a transfer from.
    E.g. ftp://123.456.789/Test

  6. Try it like in 5 with no authentication and only a file

  7. Try it like in 5 with authentication

  8. Compare Firmware Versions
    1. All were at latest version: 1.03

Web Server

Local network share

DNS-321 Network Share copy files from NS1 to NS2
Conclusion 1:  It appears that the DNS-321 client FTP software can only transfer from one local DNS-321 to another local DNS-321.
An operation was attempted on something that was not a socket - FTP server stopped, go to menu, press start
503 Please Tell Me who you are - not logged in ?? - make sure the user has FTP access (to the root?)
sometimes the DNS-321 must be restarted to fully activate new settings
when the DNS-321 is restarted, the FTP server must be manually restarted.