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November 9, 2017

Microsoft sells a E-mail service called MSN explorer.  Is this a good way to send and receive E-mail?  Think again!



Anything but MSN

First of all, if you have the unfortunate case of using MSN, here is the official Microsoft free support number:  800-642-7676.  Otherwise, Microsoft online support costs $499 per incident. There are plenty of scammers that pose as Microsoft and you will know they are scammers when they say that someone in Canada is accessing your account and then proceed to say that for $147 they can connect to your computer and install a security program when you already have good security programs.  At this point, hang up with them, turn off the computer, call Primary Computer Service.

Microsoft technicians said that the reason their MSN service was not working was because they went to a new server and we needed to update our client.  Two and one half hours later, it was not much better and reverted to not working on each restart.

Another bomb shell from Microsoft technician, Sanjana, was that event id 1000 was an ongoing problem at Microsoft and is a known issue that is being fixed and therefore we would just have to live with it. After I vehemently disagreed with her, Sanjana agreed to continue and manually delete temp files all over the computer, update video and network drivers, update Java and then update MSN with additional features checked.

These are the unbelievable fees they charge:

  • MSN Dial up Internet Access - $179.95 per year
  • MSN Dial up Internet Access - $18.95 per month
  • MSN Premium Retail - $89.95 per year
  • MSN Premium Retail - $9.95 per month

Most ISPs like AT&T and Comcast include up to 5 email accounts at no additional charge and they are a much more secure form of service.


Don't waste money on MSN! Call Primary for more info.

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