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July 20, 2018
A Dell computer running Windows 7  was having intermittent Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors .  The error randomly occurred and no windows programs would run.  The error was 0x0000001A. WannaCry-Ransomeware

 Error 0x0000001A

This was a case in which the customer said they were having trouble with the temp directory filling up with cab files, so they transferred them to the server.  And then, since the computer was running slowly, and since the computer was running out of memory in the temp folder, they added more RAM memory.

The 0x0000001A error refers to a problem with memory management. So I looked at the motherboard to see how the memory upgrade was performed.  There were 2 memory sockets.  One had 8gb and the other had 4gb.  So we had unmatched memory in a 64-bit motherboard.  We took out the 4gb and the system stopped having the 0x0000001A error.  In addition, there were several programs installed that were either bloatware or were at End of Lifecycle/End of Support.  These programs were uninstalled and the computer recovered.



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