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Yahoo Deplorable service.


bulletOn 6/29/2011 I was finally able to find the number for Yahoo Customer Service (866-562-7219).
bulletFor the last 30 days, I was having trouble sending E-mail through my Outlook 2003, using
bulletThe Outlook test showed everything was OK except there was difficulty with username and password.
bulletAfter being on hold for 15 minutes, Bianca finally answered and began reading the script.
bulletBianca put me on 2 minute holds at least 5 times while she attempted to find out what to do.  
bulletShe simply determined that since I could login to the Yahoo Web Mail site there was no problem with my account
bulletI had two options: 1) read the help pages, 2) Call Microsoft. 
bulletNow Bianca says she will try to walk me through the help pages. 
bulletShe will NOT transfer me to her supervisor.
bulletNow she will pull up my account, she says that she sees no Plus account. "I am not seeing any subscription here for Plus, but I can walk you through the settings for your Outlook? 
bulletGo to and search for pop settings for outlook." 
bulletNice walkthrough, Bianca.! 
bulletHere I got everything but the pop settings for outlook.


bulletOn 3/08/2018 I was trying to setup email distribution lists on yahoo email.  However, the create list button has been missing probably for about 4 years.  Yahoo is simply irresponsible about this. Google this and see for yourself.
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