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AT&T Deplorable service.

bulletOn 2/8/2013 I called AT&T at 888-434-6186 and they said I would have static ips by the end of the day
bulletThis was for my commercial customer per order C443855. 
bulletI went to the site that night and we were having trouble getting the modem to work by dark
bulletOn Saturday 2/9/2013 I arrived at the site at 9:00 a. m. and began troubleshooting over the phone with AT&T customer service.
bulletEvery time we provisioned the modem and started it up, the red light came on. 
bulletAll the while I was standing on a pipe in the equipment room of a shopping center.
bulletBy the time it was 8 p. m. the AT&T customer service representative found the problem. 
bulletThey had sold me ips that were in use and belonged to another customer.
bulletI lost one non-billable man day due to this fiasco

I recommend to AVOID AT&T at all costs to my customers.


I tried to cancel my AT&T service 3 prior times.  Today I called Richard (RV211A) at AT&T and he informed me that I had a credit.  Apparantly they were going to hold the credit indefinitely.  The credit was more than $200 and I may get a check in 30 to 45 days.

I recommend to AVOID AT&T at all costs to my customers.

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