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Amazon Deplorable service.

I placed an order with Amazon on 6/6/2016

Amazon says it shipped on 6/7/2016

On 6/13/2016 I checked the USPS tracking number they provided which stated that USPS had NO record of the item.

Laqeshia at Amazon denies any further customer support.

Mary says from Washington 206-922-0880, this was a third party order, not showing any tracking information, will contact the seller, will investigate the claim, if no response or package will reimburse the money. Filed an agency guarantee claim, will follow up by Monday.


Now the seller, renektonli says:

the next three day . you can get track package informaitons with dhl


it had update new track number.we will delivery it in time.within  fixed time


But as you can see, there is still NO TRACKING NUMBER.

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