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Backup Exec 7.02


"Error 1547: Wrong run limits (EA39060B)"



Situation: You see the message "Error 1547: Wrong run limits (EA39060B)" while using one of the following products:
- PartitionMagic 
- PartitionMagic Pro 
- Drive Image 
- Drive Image Pro 
- DriveCopy 
- VolumeManager 
- ServerMagic

Solution: To resolve the error, run CHKDSK /F on the affected drive. For instructions on running CHKDSK, read the document How to run Microsoft's CHKDSK from the command line.


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Note: The latest versions of the listed products are less concerned with file system errors like Error 1547, but it is still very important that you correct the problem before extensive data loss occurs.

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Technical Information: A run has more clusters than the difference between its highest and lowest cluster. Standards for NTFS require run limits to be equal to the data in a partition. Otherwise, data loss is likely. If Symantec products report Error 1547, it is because something has been written beyond the run limits.

Product(s): Drive Image 2002, Drive Image 7.0, DriveCopy 4.0, Norton PartitionMagic 8.0, PartitionMagic 7.0, PartitionMagic 8.0, PartitionMagic Pro 7.0, ServerMagic for Netware 6.5, VolumeManager 2.0
Operating Systems(s): Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000
Date Created: 04/13/2004 

Notice the instruction to run chkdsk /f

But when booting the system disk from DELL:


The parameter is not valid. Type /? for help.

 CHKDSK [drive] [/P] [/R]

Is it Microsoft or Symantec that flubbed on this one?





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