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Wireless Setup

Adding Cameras


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This Windows client works for the following Zosi NVR models:

4-Channel NVRs:


8-Channel NVRs:

ZR08KB;  ZR08QB;

Wireless Security System:


You can download the PC Client from the below link:


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Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2020
I bought this camera as a replacement when one of the 4 that came with the NVR K9604W system lost its infrared lighting capability. I have had this system for about 21/2 years and have been very pleased with it. The original camera had the model ZG-2332M-W and this one seemed to be the same but when I received the camera it had the same model number on it but there were 2 major differences:
1. The old camera [on the right] had a knuckle type adjuster to set all the angles - this was great, easy to use and never moved once tightened. The new camera [on the left] has fiddly little screws to tighten 2 of the axes which is really awkward in a small space while on a ladder and I'm not convinced they will stay tight.
2. Even worse is the base because the holes do not line up with the old ones and required drilling new holes right next to the old ones [in stucco]. This was a disappointment because I thought this would be a drop in.
However once installed everything was working fine [after the initial camera setup] and I still like, and recommend my system.
I thought I would add a few comments about initializing the camera as I saw reports of folks not getting it to work and instructions are hard to find [do not come with the camera].
To add the replacement camera do this:
Use an ethernet cable to plug the new camera into your NVR WAN port [you cannot setup via wireless].
Right click on the screen and select Video Manage
Select the defective camera entry and hit delete
Use the pulldown to select Default in the Protocol grid at the top and select Refresh
Your new camera should turn up in the top grid, then select Match Code
When its finished select Auto Add and wait until all 4 have been added and hit Exit [This routine seemed to loop so I exited out after a bit]
The new camera has now been added to the bottom list and the IP address changed to match the others so unplug the network cable and mount the camera where ever you want.