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User Manual

Canon i9900 has 6 beeps

Resetting Waste Ink Counter Canon Pixma IP6000, Canon MP450, Canon Pixma IP8500

1. Turn off the printer.
2. Whilst pressing Resume button also press on POWER.
3. Then Press RESUME button and release POWER.
4. Then Press RESUME button again .
5. Then release all buttons.
6. Led Indicator should be green and stay green.
7. Click RESUME button 4 times if you wish to try again.

Then See Table Below:

Orange - Service test print ONCE - Orange - Service test print.
Green - EEPROM information TWICE - Green - EEPROM information print.
Orange - EEPROM initialization 3 TIMES - Orange - EEPROM initialization.
Green - Waste ink counter resetting 4 TIMES - Green - Waste ink counter resetting
Orange - Destination setting (Press Power then Press Resume 3x) 5 times - Orange - Destination setting (Press Power Press Resume 3x)
Green - Print head deep cleaning 6 TIMES - Green - Print head deep cleaning.
Orange - Green, Orange - Return to menu selection 11-13 TIMES - Orange, Green, Orange - Return to menu selection.
Green - Left margin correction 14 TIMES - Green - Left margin correction.

8. Turn off printer.
9. Restart Printer.
Good Luck!

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Right-click on the printer icon at the lower right portion of your computer screen if your text documents are fuzzy or if your photos are outputted blurry. Select the "Settings" tab to access your Canon PIXMA Pro9000's printer settings. Click on the "Main" tab at the top of the screen. Click on the scrolling bar at the center of the screen under the "Quality" header and drag it to the right towards the "High" end to ensure high quality documents. Press the "Set" tab at the bottom right of the screen to finalize your settings.

Double-click on the printer icon at the bottom right portion of your computer's screen if the ink on your printed documents appears smudged. Click on the "Maintenance" tab at the top of the screen. Click on the "Custom Settings" button and check the box next to the "Prevent paper abrasion" option and press "Send." Click "OK" and reprint your document to ensure that the ink is no longer smudged.

Press the "Power" button on the front of your Canon PIXMA Pro9000 printer and remove all of the paper in its paper tray if the printer does not feed paper into the machine properly. Press and hold the "Resume/Cancel" button on the front of the printer until the "Power" button flashes three times. Perform this procedure two additional times. Insert a stack of two to three pieces of paper into the Canon PIXMA Pro9000's paper tray and hold the "Resume/Cancel" button until the "Power" button flashes three times. During this period of time, the printer rollers will automatically rotate and clean themselves.

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