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Remove GPT Partition

  1. Click "Start," type "cmd" in the "Search" box and right-click "cmd."
  2. Run as administrator."
  3. Type "diskpart" and press "Enter."
  4. Type "list disk" and press "Enter."
  5. Type "select disk x," replacing "x" with the number of your GPT protected partition. Press "Enter."
  6. Type "clean" and press "Enter" to clean the volume.
  7. Toshiba Specific Instructions
  8. To switch UEFI native mode to legacy BIOS mode (and disable secure boot):
    Restart the computer.
  9. In Windows 8, from the Start or Desktop screen move your pointer over the upper or lower right corner of the screen. When the Windows Charms appear, click the Settings ( ) charm, click Power, and then the Restart option.
    Press and hold the F2 key when the screen goes black, and wait for the BIOS setup utility to launch. If your system cannot boot into Windows 8,
  10.  shut down the computer completely, then press F2 while powering back on.
    Select Security -> Secure Boot, and then Disabled.
    Select Advanced -> System Configuration, and then Boot Mode.
    Change UEFI Boot to CSM Boot.
    To save the change and exit the BIOS setup, press F10.

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