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Google Tag Manager

Tag vs Analytics

Google Analytics uses a code snippet following the head and body sections of the html code.

Google Analytics is a tracking tool which can be installed on web site or mobile apps. Google Tag Manager is a tag management system which also uses tracking codes. It provides a one central java code snippet to install on ALL your pages which can be managed through one central place called Google tag manager. You add a tag in the tag management system and the code will be deployed automatically without the need to update all the web pages.




Turn Preview Mode On

  1. Google Tag Manager

Turn Preview Mode Off

  1. Google Tag Manager
  • Workspace
  • Leave Preview Mode

Install Tags (get the code)

  1. Google Tag Manager
  2. Admin
  3. Install Google Tag Manager



Ask Google to Crawl

  1. Search Console Sitemaps Tool
  2. Add verification code to body section
  3. Use search property to verify
  4. Build and submit a sitemap
  5. Open sitemaps report
  6. Select a property
  7. Fix broken links
  8. URL indexing